I’m interested in making simple and clear communicative designs. I want to make new applications understandable for users by letting them interact with it. I see sound and the auditory perception as a valuable implementation of reinforcing a simple and transparent insight in the product’s function relating to the interaction. Sound and music can convey a message on a personal level. Designing with sound can empathise on this level, because it is relatable to both the context and time the user is in. A very simple example in product design: an alarm clock is only an alarm when it has a specific sound and when it goes off at a specific moment (e.g. an interfering sound when you have to wake up). The sound is personally related to this function, which makes the message personal, understandable and unique.

I see my role in the project process as a binding force of the elements of designing. I am good at managing a process and know how to conduct a group in stressful times. I am skilled in concept development, user focus, creating early phase prototypes and evaluating the form and aesthetics within a design process. Besides, I have intermediate knowledge in programming and electronics, which will enable me to communicate with the people around me about the progress of this design part.

In product design I am looking for a seamless integration for new products. In the process I use my personal experiences to explore the design context and to learn the user’s perspective in the situation I am designing for. This way of working enables me to empathise with the user and to envision the possible role of the design. Creating and testing is an important part in the development of the concept. The message of the concept can already be communicated in an early phase. The possible end-user can give his input by interacting with the product and envisioning his personal value of the design application.

CV 2017