kien ios app

Kien is a flexible and smart sound system existing of several separate speakers. With the speakers you can easily change and expand your Kien sound experience. With the Kien app the user has an overview of his speakers and settings.

The case

The company wants to encourage existing Kien users to purchase more Kien products (speakers), by creating more user engagement for the Kien sound system. They want to use the Kien app to realise this.

The value of more speakers

By emphasizing on getting the best sound experience possible, I made a coupling to the value of having more speakers. Having more Kien speakers means having more options to create a personal sound system and getting a better sound experience. The challenge was to translate this into an app.

Via the app, the user should be given an insight in the possibilities of expanding your Kien system and thus improving your sound experience. The value of having more Kien speaker can be communicated in this way. The goal is to eventually cause an increase in sales of Kien speakers with the existing users.

Your Kien Room

The app has the new function “Your Kien Room”. In this function the user can experience various settings by adding more speakers in his room. First, the user goes to “Your Kien Room”. The user draws the room where he wants to place his speakers. Then, the user can place his speakers in the room. Finally, he can choose different sets with various speakers. With a sound sample the user can compare the different sets and can experience the value of adding more speakers to his existing sound system.

Call to action

With this design the user can simulate how his sound experience can be improved by adding more speakers to his existing system. With this simulation the user has a clear insight in how more speakers can be an added value to him.