Noids (2015) is a collection of rhythmic instruments placed throughout a room. Each instrument has its own rhythm, sound and movement. Together they create a composition, with the room as their sound box. By playing with the phases and tasks of the four instruments, the musician is able to create a composition, like a drummer playing his drums. During his performance, the audience is invited to walk through the room and encounter with the music composed by the musician. Because the instruments are scattered through the space, the audience is able to engage and recognize the different layers, patterns and tasks of the rhythmic phase music - by simply moving through space.

This project was my graduation project for the Bachelor program of Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven. After my graduation I had the honour to present my work at three expositions: Mind the Step (Dutch Design Week 2015, Klokgebouw Eindhoven), Bizarre Sound Creatures (Dutch Design Week 2015, Glaspaviljoen Eindhoven) and the Wave Awards (Wave of Tomorrow 2015, Willem II Fabriek ‘s Hertogenbosch). Everyday Listening and Create Digital Media wrote an article about the project.