room 101 | 010

ROOM 101 | 010 (2016) is a project by studio KNOL for the In No Particular Order exposition during Dutch Design Week 2016. The installation addresses loneliness and its impact on health in a time in which people are more invested in virtual worlds. The installation, reminiscent of two separate hotel rooms, introduces a futuristic scenario in which visitors can connect with each other via mirrors. By using new technologies, studio KNOL proposed a design narrative about potential ways of being intimate with one another. In doing so, studio KNOL intend to change our perception of modern loneliness.

In this project I designed and engineered the automatic moving blinds which simulated a connection between the two separate hotel rooms. Besides, I helped in building the installation in the construction team. In 2015 I was also a part of the construction team of studio KNOL for the project Collective (Ir)rationality in art space MU during the Dutch Design Week 2015.