stukafest eindhoven 2017

Stukafest Eindhoven is an annual cultural festival hosted in student rooms throughout Eindhoven. This year’s edition (2017) the festival has offered a wide range of cultural acts: music, dance, drama, cabaret and more. Ten student rooms and the Effenaar Eindhoven (afterparty) hosted acts among others The Cool Quest, Braz, Timecop1983, Noord Nederlands Toneel, Mensen Zeggen Dingen and Waterballet.

I was chairman of Stukafest Eindhoven 2017 and was involved in the acquisition of local sponsors. In this edition the board developed the student festival into a local festival with strong collaborations in the cultural sector. By collaborating with Natlab by Plaza Futura, Van Moll, Studium Generale, Effenaar and Parktheater the board could offer a successful independent cultural festival in Eindhoven.