This project was my Final Master Project of the Master program of Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven in collaboration with Heijmans (2017). Timit is a set of objects that supports your work planning. This supporting tool becomes a part of the personal composition of your work space. During a workday in the office you have multiple tasks to do. Because you cannot do every task at the same time you postpone them and make a planning. Timit supports this process by checking your incoming tasks and reminding you of these.

The set of objects consists of three products, namely the Dongle, Wiggle and Visible. The Dongle is programmed to check your incoming tasks. These new tasks can be put on either the Wiggle or Visible. The Wiggle embodies tasks with a high priority. The Visible can be seen as a metaphor for the storage of your remaining tasks. Both objects remind you of the tasks in the periphery of your attention during your work day. Timit is a seamless supporting tool of the planning in your personal work environment.